Tax Returning Mobile Application:

Perform the Most Optimized Tax Returning with an Innovative Tax Returning Mobile Application.

Project Outline:

Cotax aims to help people submit their taxes without losing much time and still getting all the benefits. A new team full of energy aiming at helping through our innovative solutions and care for the customers.


COTAX is the tax returning mobile application that gives the most optimized way to return tax even if you don’t have any tax knowledge. The app is conceptualized to support various tax situations under the guidance of Swiss’s experts so that users can’t confront any hassle.


  • Simple, fast, and hassle-free tax return process
  • Only 7 minutes details submission duration to save user’s time
  • Supports for various tax situations from regular to complex ones

Client Persona:

Paperwork is the bane of people’s of the 21st century, and cyberspace has arrived to automate the boring parts of our lives. When the mid-year time come, we sense our taxes comes around, and when it comes to the Tax return, we all wish that we should have a mandatory tax course in the college, but technology has escaped all our need.

Design Process:

We were briefed to focus on crafting the eye-captivating UI/UX. A lot of user research had been conducted by RipenApps’ designing team, which helped us understand the users’ prerequisite quickly and directed us in the path of conveying the alluring application.

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