ROSEN Child Tracking App:

A smart digital solution to track the progress of a child at school.

Project Outline:

Rosen a- child’s activity tracker has been designed to give rein in the parent’s hand to keep an overhaul gaze over the child’s academic part. A mobile app that is better to track a student’s record at home. The mobile application mainly contains 4 parts: Parent app, Guardian app, Child app, and Faculty app. Parent or Guardian can track a child’s activity or academics posted by Faculty.


As, this app has been developed for the parent or the guardian of children, so at every point, parent need to keep the track on child’s academic activities, and teachers can assign the tasks, update child’s report on the feed. Our team has spent weeks where they were worked on conceptualized techniques that give a 360-degree view of children’s activity to their parents & indulge the specifics of it into the app.


The tender concept of Hsnchens app & our brilliant app development approach has made Rosen a top-approached Child activity tracking online platform. The app comprises a unique idea where we have to introduce robust algorithms & integrated graphical representation, pie charts & report analysis. Team excellence has delivered a great product that is ready to redefine the child parental interaction.

Rosen Features:

Supercilious feature integration with the mind-blowing development approach makes Rosen a top-choice among parents.

  • Student/Parent Check-in
  • Assessment & Observation
  • Daily Chores
  • Daily Reports
  • Child Wallet

Design Process:

We were briefed to focus on crafting the eye-captivating UI/UX. A lot of user research had been conducted by TheExperts Solutions designing team, which helped us understand the users’ prerequisite quickly and directed us in the path of conveying the alluring application.

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