Listit Sell and Buy Goods:

A perfect & fastest-growing online marketplace to buy & sell goods locally.

Project Outline:

Listit one of the world’s leading classifieds platforms, providing local communities and high-growth markets with vibrant online marketplaces. ListItt connects local people to buy or sell cars, goods and services by making it fast and easy for anyone to post a listing through their mobile phone or web.


Listit wanted to attract new, high-quality users at scale. Reaching their desired growth targets required a more unique, faster approach to paid user-acquisition and retargeting campaign management. They asked to build an excellent mobile application to perform the process at an incredible pace.


Our deep understanding of technology integration provided ListItt with real-time mobile attribution insight & a superbly developed app yielding a rich buying-selling experience to their users, which will create the largest user-base.

Listit Features:

Smart feature integration with the agile development approach makes Listit- a global online buying & selling service proving application.

  • Great Shopping Experience
  • Fast & Cutting Edge
  • Fun, Simple & Intuitive
  • Flawless Chat
  • Edit & Manage ads

Design Process:

We were briefed to focus on crafting the eye-captivating UI/UX. A lot of user research had been conducted by TheExperts Solutions designing team, which helped us understand the users’ prerequisite quickly and directed us in the path of conveying the alluring application.

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