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Infix Online Learning Platform:

Redefining the Digital Classroom Experience

Project Outline:

Infix is one of the top e-learning apps developed to track & manage the learning style and the strategies for score improvements in UPSC preparation. Integrated Assessment Test feature helps aspirants curate their weak areas & make revised improvements in marked subjects to score guaranteed 20% to 40% more & reshapes the world of e-learning.


Coming with the unique concept to provide guaranteed results in entrance exam, we were asked to implement the unique conceptuality where aspirants can evaluate their performance in marked subjects and can improve their performance with proper planning, strategy, and management within the app.


Though it was an E-Learning App with a unique concept where we have introduced the essence of data learning and drawing results based on that; it’s a new thing that we have implemented along with many challenges that were very well taken care of and solved by the team’s combined effort and deployed a great product that is ready to redefine the e-learning world.

Infix Feature:

Uniquely conceptualized & superbly developed features make Examarly- a top e-learning score improvement and planning platform in the EdTech world.

  • Planning and Tracking
  • Leadership Board
  • Daily Current Affairs
  • Assessment Test
  • Refer & Earn
  • UPSC Booklist

Design Process:

We were briefed to focus on crafting the eye-captivating UI/UX. A lot of user research had been conducted by TheExperts Solutions’ designing team which helped us in understanding the users’ prerequisite quickly and directed us in the path of conveying the alluring application.


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