Coffee Karma:

A fun-interactive mobile application to follow the ‘Caffe Suspeso’ & share good coffee karma.

Project Outline:

Coffee Karma is a Fun & Interactive mobile app for sharing & receiving Coffee Karma from your friends, loved & near ones. This mobile app is conceptualized & beautifully crafted to follow the Caffe Sospeso gesture and spread kindness with Digitization’s awesomeness. Supplemented with the mind-blowing features that help people share their coffee karma with others, it allows you to build this benevolent process of sharing coffee more expressively.


Even if the app’s core functionality is to support the Caffe Suspeso revolution & provide users with an interface where they can record a video & share the good karma for others to buy the coffee, the application required to fill with UI/ UX design elements that keep the users hooked. We required to give a flexible flow to record a 10 seconds video and an interface to share the video with friends, family & near ones to buy them a coffee with the shared point.


As we have a glimpse of ideas fluctuating in each of our minds, started to get into it do research, and gathered the fullest of the knowledge. We collaborated on each picture and way out the best of it and implemented it with worthless efforts with a loop of implementing – testing until we have the cream of our effort. And, we represented the exact result.

Coffee Karma Features:

Specific feature integration with the agile development approach makes Coffee Karma- a revolutionary coffee sharing application.

  • Easy Login/SignUp
  • Buy Coffee, Share Coffee Karma
  • Record Video & share with friends
  • Invite a Friend
  • Receive Karma

Design Process:

We were briefed to focus on crafting the eye-captivating UI/UX. A lot of user research had been conducted by TheExperts Solutions designing team, which helped us understand the users’ prerequisite quickly and directed us in the path of conveying the alluring application.

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